I was listening to “Jealous” by Nick Jonas on repeat and work and I decided to inform my co-worker over Skype that: “I am jamming so hard to this Nick Jonas song right now!” His response: “Didn’t know you liked Disney music!”

I literally almost forgot that the Jo Bros were Disney stars because, A. They were a little after my Disney channel watching phase, and B. Nobody has been hating on them.

I find it really interesting that Nick Jonas was able to remove his purity ring, show his ass, and sing all these sexy songs without so much as a peep. Ok there were definitely some peeps but they sure as shit weren’t negative. No one is running around abandoning their Jonas Brother tees and crying about how he basically disowned his pure little Christian boy ways. I mean…he’s definitely getting down with that smoking hot girlfriend of his, and now we all of a sudden don’t give a fuck that he made the biggest hoopla about his respectable, sexless lifestyle not even THAT long ago. All we care about are THOSE ABS WOWWWWW CAN I LICK THEM?!

You know Taylor Swift is just crying herself to sleep because she never got a shot at that Jo Bro dick.

Let’s rewind to the classic MTV Video awards or whatever the fuck they’re called a year ago when Miley twerked her little flat ass all over that wannabe Justin Timberlake’s crotch. Everyone like, hated her. Granted, she looked like a total moron but there were way more comments about how slutty she is and how she completely destroyed her Disney channel image. Why wouldn’t you want to be known as Hannah Montana or Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter for the rest of your life?

I’m pretty sure we all remember Vanessa Hudgens’ unimpressive nude pics that got her a ton of Disney hate. Show your nipples one time and you get the anti-Disney stamp for life.

I’m not going to claim that I don’t like checking out Nick Jonas’ pecs or that I don’t think Miley is a shit show, but this is kind of unfair. Sexism is totally trending right now and I have to say that Hermione Granger totally knocked it out of the park when she said that chicks and dudes need to be treated EQUALLY, and embraced all the way around. So basically we all need to lay off the Disney chicks or we gotta start calling Nick Jonas a big…strong…muscular…whore!

I personally have never called myself a feminist because I kind of not-so-secretly think that women should be treated better than men, as opposed to just the same, but hey that’s just me.

This topic is nothing new, and probably not very interesting to any of you, but it was just something I noticed and felt like sharing. Basically, if Miley Cyrus is a skank for sticking her tongue out and bouncing her ass, isn’t N. Jonas just as much of one for suddenly realizing he had hormones and basically saying “peace out Jesus I’m ready to bang”?

I mean really if any little Disney girls were bending over with their asses out moms all over the world would be falling to pieces. Kind of fucked up, right?

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